The next level of baggage service

Provide superior service to your passengers
with your own real-time tracker and platform

The next level of baggage service

Provide superior service to your passengers with our real-time tracker and platform

Real-time proactive tracking of misplaced bags

The Versa tracker together with the Tracker Control Center enables airlines and ground handlers to prevent bags from missing a flight and if a bag does miss a flight, to take immediate action to reschedule it. With our service you can improve your travelers' experience and thus increase the overall customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Watch the video below.

Tracker Control Center (TCC)

The TCC combines relevant bag, flight and location data to signal which bags are at risk of missing their flight. Ground handlers and airlines can "save" these "bags at risk" or immediately reschedule them on the earliest available flight. The TCC also provides tools for customer support, marketing & sales and data analytics.

Set up your own real-time baggage service

Our white label tracker and tracking service allow you to easily create a baggage tracking product under your own brand. Versa provides you with all the technology and integrations with external systems. This requires no system integration.

Versa Tracking Platform

Our Versa Tracking Platform runs on Amazon IoT, which is secure, reliable and fast and provides worldwide coverage. Each of our partners and customers has dedicated access to our portal via our open API's.

Zero system integration

Implementing our service requires no system integration. We store all relevant travel, flight and bag information in our platform through partnerships with leading vendors like SITA and OAG.

Customisable tracker

You can modify the luggage tracker into your own branded version by changing the finishing of the casing, using your own distinctive colors and of course your logo.

Communication via instant messaging

The easiest way to use our service is via instant messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp, for which we developed a chatbot tool in cooperation with to provide a rich bi-directional functionality in an easy to use conversational manner. Other channels like WeChat, Google Assistant or Alexa will be added soon.

This video shows our current user interface via Facebook Messenger.

Easy Mobile app integration

We offer SDKs and open APIs to all our partners to enable integration of our tracking functionality into your own mobile app. For all APIs, please contact us via to request access.

Get started in a day with our pilot workshop

Versa has designed both the tracker and the Tracker Control Center (TCC) in such a way that it's very easy to use. You can offer a branded baggage tracking product to your passengers without any system integration. To prove this and help you start a pilot we’ve designed a 'one day pilot delivery workshop'. At the end of this workshop you will have your own test account, to use both internally and with a select group of customers if you want to.

Interested in providing superior baggage service to your customers?

The Versa baggage tracking solution is an attractive additional offering for a range of companies.


Despite the implementation of IATA resolution 753 (four mandatory scanning points) bags still disappear from the radar in between scanning points. You can significantly imporve your baggage service with our tracker and platform and as a result increase passenger satisfaction.

Luggage manufacturers

The Versa tracker is a great example of a new innovative technologies to enhance the travelers’ journey. You can offer a great additional service with Versa, both as a separate luggage tracker, as well as a built-in feature.

Travel Management Companies

With the Versa tracker you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Helping your customers to travel stress-free with check-in luggage adds a lot of value for multiple types of travelers. For instance professionals like engineers, athletes and musicians need their check-in luggage immediately upon arrival.

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