Cargo & assets

Optimize your logistical process and improve your service

Never lose sight of your most valuable shipments and assets
with our real-time tracker and platform

Real-time proactive monitoring of shipments & assets

The Versa tracker together with the Tracker Control Center enables all parties involved in the supply chain to have continuous visibility of the location of shipments, all over the world. Shipments can be tracked at various levels: containers, pallets, boxes and parcels. The Versa tracker can also be used for monitoring assets like ULD’s, catering trolleys, dolly’s and wheelchairs. With our service you can optimize your operational efficiency and improve your service quality.

Designed & approved for air transportation

The Versa tracker was developed in cooperation with KLM. This partnership helped us develop a tracker which is compliant with all aviation regulations. The most important feature which makes the tracker compliant is our patented automatic flight mode. The tracker automatically goes into flight mode after the doors of the aircraft are closed and activates itself directly after landing. During the flight the tracker is in deep sleep mode, which also helps save battery life. We have a No Technical Objection (NTO) letter from EASA confirming that our cargo tracker is allowed on board all airplanes.

Location, motion and impact

The tracker uses a combination of technologies (2G/3G, GPS, wifi and bluetooth) to get the most accurate location update available. You can locate the tracker always and everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. It automatically selects the strongest available network for communication. On top of that it has sensors which record motion and impact, so you know how your goods have been and are being treated.

Additional sensors connected via bluetooth

If you want additional information, like temperature and humidity, sensors can be connected to the Versa tracker via bluetooth.

Set up your own tracking service

Our white label service allows you to offer your clients a tracker and tracking service under your own brand. Versa provides you with all the technology. You can modify the trackers into your own branded version.

Flexible update frequencies

You can modify the update frequency of (groups of) trackers to fit your needs.

Long battery life

Trackers are activated based on motion detection. When a tracker is stationary for a few minutes it automatically goes into sleep mode which increases battery life significantly. The battery easily lasts the distance for any shipment, end to end, from factory to final destination. When used for air transportation only, the battery lasts for more than 6 long distance flights on a single charge. Users get a notification when the battery needs recharging (notification threshold can be adjusted).

Platform and API’s

Our Versa Tracking Platform runs on Amazon IoT, which is secure, reliable and fast and provides redundant worldwide coverage. Each of our partners and customers has dedicated access to our platform via our open API's. With our API relevant events get communicated instantly. This can be the arrival of your shipment at a certain location or a high impact drop of your valuable asset. You can integrate these data in any system of choice: ERP, CRM, TMS, SCM, AI, etc.


The Versa tracker has all relevant product certifications, as well as a No Technical Objection (NTO) letter from EASA, which means that airlines can allow it on board their aircraft.

Approved on board the following airlines

​If you don’t see the airline you use, it may currently be reviewing the Versa 1 tracker for approval as we’re in the review process with a lot more airlines at the moment. 

Contact us for additional information.​

Product specs

     Dimensions & weight

  • Height: 131 mm (5.16 inches)
  • Width: 71 mm (2.80 inches)
  • Depth: 16 mm (0.63 inches)
  • Weight: 115 grams (4.06 ounces)

     Power and battery

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
  • Nominal voltage: 3.7 V
  • Watt-hour rating: 6.66 Wh
  • Capacity: 1.800 mAh


  • 2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • 3G: 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • ADS-B Receiver
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou)

     Patented flight mode

  • US 9877296
  • EP 3087536


  • CE
  • RTCA DO – 160