IATA Strategic Partner for baggage tracking

IATA Strategic Partner

Versa is now officially an IATA Strategic Partner. This means that Versa participates in the Baggage Working Group, specifically for Baggage Tracking.

Airlines are very busy implementing IATA Resolution 753. This means check-in bags are scanned at 4 mandatory points during the journey. This is an important step in improving the service level for check-in bags. However, 753 has not been implemented at all airports and for all 4 scanning points. Furthermore bags are still invisible in between scanning points. 

We can help improve visibility of all bags by proving realtime tracking of bags. The Strategic partnership means we work with IATA and airlines to make sure our products meet airline requirements and help the industry improve baggage tracking and service to travelers. We will be present at the next Baggage Working Group session in Hong Kong from January 15 to 17. Please contact us if you are also there and want to know more about Versa.

Are you interested in partnering with us please check out the options here. If you want to use our tracker yourself you can now place your pre-order at ReboundTag


IATA Strategic Partner