More misplaced bags for airline passengers in 2018

Misplaced bags
Misplaced bags

In 2018 the number of misplaced bags increased from 22,7 mln in 2017 to 24,7 million in 2018. Last year a record number of 4.36 billion travelers checked in more than 4.27 billion bags. Eight out of ten passengers check in their luggage. So the majority of passengers still travel with check-in luggage. Contrary to what overloaded overhead compartments may suggest.

The increasing number of bags make operations more challenging. As a consequence a higher percentage of bags gets misplaced: 5,69 per 1.000 bags, according to the latest SITA Baggage IT Insights Report

The majority of bags (77%) is just delayed. Damaged and pilfered bags represent 18% of mishandling and stolen bags the remaining 5%.

Transferring luggage from one aircraft to another, or from one airline to another is a potential bottleneck in the bag’s journey. In 2018, these transfer bags account for 46% of all delayed bags.

So traditional ways of improving baggage operations are no longer effective. Therefore new technology is needed to make further improvements. Versa’s realtime baggage tracker and Tracker management Platform can come to the rescue. We are currently preparing the first commercial pilots with major airlines. The first major airlines will start using Versa shortly. Keep an eye on our website to stay updated.