Versa partners with ReboundTag

Today ReboundTAG Ltd and Versa have announced a partnership at World Travel Market in London. This means ReboundTag will sell the Versa luggage tracker under the name “Hanno The NavigatorTM”. 

ReboundTAG’s has a stable of award winning luggage tracker products. They offer Protector TAGs with unique IDs, QR code, RFID and NFC microchips enabling travelers to connect and protect their valuables. Selling the Versa Tracker gives them the opportunity to offer Real Time tracking during the entire journey. 

ReboundTAG is the company who put “Active” into searching for peoples’ lost bags. Active Search is operated by ReboundTAG’s top professionals. This helps travelers everywhere, as evidenced by citations from many tag owners.  ReboundTAG really helped them during the stressful lost bag situations. ReboundTag has partnerships with the likes of Lufthansa, Marriott and Allianz. The combination of Versa’s advanced patented multi-technology luggage tracker and ReboundTAG’s products and services is unique in the industry and completes an array of travel tracking products that no other company can offer.