SITA is the world's leading air transport IT and communications specialist, offering a broad range of IT products and services, including a portfolio for baggage operations. SITA offers a suite of products to help airlines manage their Baggage operations and provide excellent service to passengers and make Baggage Management more efficient.

SITA and Versa aim to create the next level of Baggage Tracking, enabling superior service to travelers with check-in bags and enabling airlines to significantly lower the cost of dealing with misplaced and lost bags. To achieve this goal Versa and SITA have integrated their platforms: SITA BagJourney, SITA WorldTracer and the Versa Tracker management Platform.


This integration has the following benefits:

The SITA bag messages will be imported in the Versa Platform.

The real location of a bag as provided by the Versa Tracker will be shown in BagJourney and WorldTracer

As a result of this integration SITA and Versa can jointly enable airlines and ground handlers to improve service to passengers by preventing bags from missing their flight and recovering them much more quickly if they do get misplaced.

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