Solution partners

Versa integrates with a range of the worlds leading partners to collect all relevant data to provide the best baggage service to our customers. Our solution partners cover the following areas:

Realtime flight data which helps:

Scheduled bags on any flight 365 days in advance

Accurately update ground handlers and airlines on the time available to "save bags"

Optimize the automatic flightmode of the tracker, to comply with regulations. Furthermore it saves battery power.

Baggage management data which helps:

Connect the tracker ID to the baggage label (barcode) or License Plate

Get updates based on load scans about bags that are at risk of being misplaced

Add real bag geolocation to Baggage Management Systems

Instant messaging user interface

Let users interact with the tracker with their messaging app of choice. Airlines can also use this channel to communicatie to the traveler in case of issues with bag.

You can easily adjust dialog logic with the user interface

Currently Messenger and Telegram available. Whatsapp and WeChat will be available shortly

Interested in partnering with Versa?