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Real-time proactive tracking of misplaced bags

The Versa tracker together with our Tracker Control Center enables airlines and ground handlers to prevent bags from missing a flight and if a bag does miss a flight, to take immediate action to reschedule it. With our service you can improve your travelers' experience and thus increase the overall customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Versa provides the most complete luggage tracking solution available. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Tracker Control Center (TCC)

The TCC signals which bags are at risk of missing their flight. Ground handlers and airlines can "save" these "bags at risk" or immediately reschedule them on the earliest available flight.

Zero system integration

Implementing Versa requires no system integration. We store all relevant travel, flight and bag information in our platform through partnerships with leading vendors like SITA and OAG.

Always allowed on board

Our patented Automatic Flight Mode makes sure our tracker sleeps during the flight, making it compliant with the most stringent aviation regulations.

Operates globally

With 2G and 3G GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and WIFI you can locate the tracker always and everywhere, both outdoors and indoors.

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The most reliable and complete luggage tracking solution currently on the market.

It's not just a tracker

Versa uses a combination of technologies (2G/3G GSM, GPS, Bluetooth & Wifi) to accurately track & communicate a bag’s location. It is compliant with aviation regulations and allowed on board. Combined with a Tracker Control Center to enable ground handlers and airlines to quickly retrieve bags, this makes Versa the most reliable and complete luggage tracking solution currently on the market.

Create your own branded luggage tracking service

With our open and complete Versa Platform, well documented API and mobile SDK’s you can easily create your own white labeled luggage tracking solution or develop additional services, without any system integration.

Patented automatic flight mode

Versa features a patented automatic flight mode, approved by EASA. The tracker goes to sleep as soon as the doors of the aircraft are closed. And wakes up automatically when the plane arrives at the gate. This automatic flightmode is not only compliant with all aviation regulations, but also saves battery power.

Integrated with key industry systems

Our service connects with the main providers of baggage management information and real time flight information, like SITA, OAG and TripIT. All relevant information is available in our platform. Therefore no integration with individual airline systems is needed.

Multiple communication channels

You can communicate with travelers about their bag in various ways: a mobile app (via our SDK), instant messaging (FB messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, WeChat) and Voice control (Google Assistant, Alexa).

Easy to use

Our tracker does not have an on/off switch. When it detects movement, it automatically switches itself on. When it's not moving it switches into sleep mode. Right before entering sleep mode the tracker sends its location to the platform. So a traveler can always see where his or her bag is.

Instant arrival notification

When arriving at the destination airport travelers get an instant notification that their bag has arrived. If this is not the case airlines can communicate directly with a traveler, using the various communication channels available.

Long battery life

The tracker has a rechargeable Li-ion battery which lasts for more than 6 long distance flights and several weeks. Recharging is easy via an integrated USB connector (included). When the battery is low, travelers automatically receive a notification.


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