Smart Platform

Smart platform

Smart platform

Our platform gives you continuous visibility of the location and conditions of your shipments and assets, all over the world. Both indoors and outdoors, on all modes of transportation. We believe in an open platform, so you can also connect other cargo trackers, Bluetooth labels and satellites to our platform.

More importantly, you can completely tailor the solution to your needs. Meaning you receive an alert when you want to. Get notified when a shipment enters or leaves a certain location. Set the parameters for the conditions of your shipments and get notified  the moment something goes wrong, so you can intervene immediately. 

We provide two ways to get access to our platform and manage your trackers and/or tags:

  1. Get started instantly with our Tracking Control Center, our web based interface
  2. Use our API to receive the tracking data into your own systems and enrich the platform with customer, shipment and asset data, to increase the business value of our solution.

Platform features

Patented automatic flight mode

We developed a patented automatic flight mode, compliant with EASA, FAA and IATA regulations. Our platform ensures that the trackers go into flight mode as soon as the doors of the aircraft that they are on, close. However, should this fail, then the accelerometer and pressure sensor will force flight mode during take off. The platform istructs the trackers to wake up automatically when the plane arrives at the airport.

Vessel mode

We’ve also created a unique vessel mode to ensure that our trackers go into sleep mode during ocean or river transport. This ensures the battery will last throughout the entire journey. However, if something happens that requires action, like the temperature exceeding the allowed maximum, our platform will transmit the exception using the communication network that’s available. It can use Bluetooth for instance to inform the ship’s crew about a breach of temperature, so they can act on it immediately.

Differentiate in update intervals

You can set different update intervals (the predetermined time between the updates sent by the tracker) for different modes of transport and/or Points of Interest, depending on your needs. For example, you can set the update interval at every 10 minutes when the tracker is on a truck to as little as once a day when the tracker is on an ocean freighter. This unique Dynamic Heartbeat concept, as we call it, gives you the information you need, when you want it but most of all, when you need it. And optimizes the tracker's battery life at the same time.

Define condition parameters

You can define parameters to ensure temperature-sensitive products and high value, fragile goods are treated correctly during transport. The moment a breach of temperature occurs for example, you receive an alert so you can act immediately to prevent damage, theft or spoilage.

Create your own Points of Interest

Our platform recognises multiple generic locations (Points of Interest), such as airports, harbours, and border crossings. You can also add your own Points of Interests (POI’s), like warehouses, factories and locations of customers. You can set different update intervals for different Points of Interest, depending on your needs. For example, you can set the update interval at every 10 minutes when the tracker is at the airport to as little as once a day when the tracker is stored in a warehouse. Whenever a shipment enters or leaves a POI, you automatically receive an alert.

Power save mode

When the battery of your tracker is low, the platform instructs the tracker to switch over to ‘power save mode’ to reduce the amount of power in order to make the battery last longer.

Optimize your supply chain

The data gathered will help you identify bottlenecks and blind spots. Optimize your logistics and save costs based on analysis of historical data gathered. Our platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you improve your logistics, by predicting optimal routes for example.

Open platform

Are you already using tracking devices or Bluetooth labels to monitor your shipments? We developed an open platform in which you can use any tracking device or bluetooth label.

Secure, scalable and GDPR compliant

Our platform runs on AWS IoT Services, which provides redundant worldwide coverage and above all it’s reliable and secure. AWS is architected to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. This is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features. AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certifications.

Increase your business’ benefits using our API

You receive dedicated secure access to our platform via our API. This can bring you significant business benefits:

  • You can integrate the tracking data into any system, so users of, for example, cargo management or asset management systems can monitor the location or conditions and receive alerts via these systems that they are already using.
  • Every tracker can be linked to a shipment, so the customer who expects a shipment can be automatically notified. Furthermore the performance of the tracker can be optimized if the destination and route of the tracker are known in advance.

    Any delay of the original itinerary will be noticed and can be acted upon. On top of that a regularly updated ETA can be generated.

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