Fresh chain tracking

Prevent wasting valuable fresh chain products

Prevent wasting valuable fresh chain products

Fresh chain tracking

Fresh chain tracking

Improve the quality of your fresh chain logistics with real-time visibility, traceability and reliability. With the Versa trackers and our platform you can maintain accurate, real-time location, temperature and condition monitoring of your valuable fruits and vegetables. And if something goes wrong, for example when a shipment exceeds the maximum temperature, you get notified immediately. So you can act swiftly and prevent loss or damage. By helping reduce waste and eliminating the need for shipping replacement products, it also helps with running a more environmentally sustainable business.

How does it work?


Improve your service quality

You always know where your shipment is and whether or not it will arrive on time.

All location and sensor data instantly available

You don't have to download the data from a USB logger.

Take immediate action

Act the moment a breach of temperature or humidity occurs.

Reduce customer support activities

It will reduce customer support activities if all parties involved, including the customer, have real time insight into the whereabouts of their shipments.

The evidence of goods being delivered in good condition

This also enables faster invoicing and payment. And if something went wrong with the shipment we enable clear pinpointing of where it went wrong and therefore who is to blame and should bear the cost. This will help the efficiency and effectiveness of the claims process with the insurance company.

Monitor the end-to-end performance of your transports

And find ways to improve your logistics processes.

Optimize the utilization of your packaging and load carriers

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