Baggage Tracking

Provide superior service to your passengers

with your own real-time tracker and platform

Provide superior service to your passengers

with your own real-time tracker and platform

Baggage tracking

Our tracker together with the Tracking Control Center (TCC) enables airlines and ground handlers to prevent bags from missing a flight. And if a bag does miss a flight, to take immediate action to reschedule it. The TCC combines relevant bag, flight and location data to signal which bags are at risk of missing their flight. Your passengers can check the location of their bag in multiple ways: via a mobile app and instant messaging channels (FB messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp). You can customize the chatbot and create a rich user experience that fits your brand.


With our service you can improve your travelers’ experience and thus increase the overall customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Watch the video below.


Improve passenger experience

Increase your brand preference by setting up your own branded real-time baggage service. We provide you with all the technology and integrations with external systems. You can modify the luggage tracker into your own branded version by using your own logo and distinctive colors.

Reduce the misplaced & lost luggage rate

Our baggage tracking solution leads to lower costs of processing lost and misplaced baggage.

Increase the percentage of check-in bags

And help to solve the issue with overcrowded overhead compartments and the consequential costs and customer dissatisfaction of delayed flights.

Get started in a day

We have designed both the tracker and the Tracking Control Center (TCC) in such a way that it's very easy to use and to implement. To prove this and help you start a pilot, we’ve designed a 'One Day Pilot Delivery Workshop'. At the end of this workshop you will have your own test account, to use both internally and with a select group of customers if you want to.

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