Solution Partners

Our partners

We firmly believe in the power of partnerships.

Our partners

We firmly believe in the power of partnerships.

As a technology provider we work closely together with value added resellers who turn our technology into tracking services for various applications and verticals. We also have several partners that complement our technology and enable us to provide the most complete tracking solution, for example providers of real time flight information and baggage management information.

Value added resellers

BAGTAG proactively improves airline operations, increases overall customer satisfaction
and makes the passenger journey more environmentally friendly. The company launched its hardware solution in 2018 with the Lufthansa Group and is now leading the market for electronic bag tags. Apart from hardware, BAGTAG developed and operates a unique plug-and-play EBT Platform that connects to both airlines and EBT manufacturers. BAGTAG has partnered with us to offer airlines and other companies in the aviation industry a unique baggage tracking solution.

The itemlost core service is based on a unique QR code that can be inserted, engraved or tagged to any object of value. It is -by any means- the easiest and fastest way to retrieve a lost object and increases the chances of finding back a lost item by a factor of four.

The itemlost tags can be found across the world as large companies like Schiphol airport, Gazelle, Wittebrug car dealers and many others have become esteemed clients.

To complement their portfolio itemlost offers its customers active tracking solutions with Versa, for a variety of use cases, like tracking fresh chain shipments and locating vehicles on the move.

KoolKrew is a leading luggage tag and travel accessories provider, notably to the flight/cabin crew industry. KoolKrew has launched a ‘lost and found’ platform, containing digital luggage tags and our luggage tracker, sold under the name ‘TrackYa’.

Industry partners

We’ve successfully integrated Reelables labels into our smart platform, making it easy to track individual goods, real-time, using a Versa tracker or gateway to receive the data from the labels. 

Reelables produces printed Bluetooth labels that are ultra thin, flexible and affordable. The labels are printable as media in direct thermal printers and stick to shipments, boxes, or assets just like ordinary barcode labels.

We’ve partnered with ECCT to provide an item-level temperature tracking solution. ECCT specializes in the design of customer-specific systems in the field of telecommunications, NFC and medical consumer electronics. ECCT produces small, affordable, temperature logging labels.

These TempyTags are equipped with a temperature sensor, a microcontroller, a wireless (NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy) transmitter and receiver and a printed aerial. The TempyTags transmit the real-time temperature data via bluetooth to our tracker or gateway.

OAG is the world’s leading air travel information provider. It helps companies in the aviation industry optimize their business by providing a wide range of air travel data products.

OAG provides real time flight data which enables us to:

Schedule the tracker on any flight 365 days in advance with OAG Flightview

Receive immediate notifications on changes in flight data. Therefore we can accurately update ground handlers and airlines with the actual time available to “save bags”

SITA is the world’s leading air transport IT and communications specialist, offering a broad range of IT products and services. SITA offers a suite of products to help airlines manage their baggage operations and provide excellent service to passengers and make baggage management more efficient.

We receive baggage management data from SITA that enables us to:

Connect the tracker ID to the baggage label (barcode) or license plate

Get updates based on load scans about bags that are at risk of being misplaced

Add real bag geolocation to Baggage Management Systems

SITA and Versa aim to create the next level of baggage tracking, enabling superior service to travelers with check-in bags and enabling airlines to significantly lower the cost of dealing with misplaced and lost bags. To achieve this goal Versa and SITA have integrated their platforms: SITA BagJourney, SITA WorldTracer and the Versa Tracker Management Platform.

As a result of this integration SITA and Versa can jointly enable airlines and ground handlers to improve service to passengers by preventing bags from missing their flight and recovering them much more quickly if they do get misplaced.

Technology partners

Our Versa Tracking Platform runs on AWS IoT, the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. It’s secure, reliable and fast and provides redundant worldwide coverage.

DO OK is a technology consultancy and software development company. DO OK delivers value-focused artefacts like product roadmaps, a pyramid of value, UX & design, or software ready to serve millions of people.

DO OK helps us develop our Tracking Platform, API and various user interfaces.

Khoros is a global leader in digital-first customer engagement software.

We developed a chatbot tool with Khoros that allows you to:

Let customers interact with the tracker via their messaging app of choice. You can also use this channel to communicate with your customers in case something goes wrong, for instance when a bag is misplaced and is rescheduled on a next flight..

Easily adjust dialog logic to your needs with the user interface

Currently available: Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Whatsapp. Other channels like WeChat or Google Assistant can easily be added.

Grinn is a leader in making IoT concepts a reality, delivering solutions for global tech brands, as well as pioneering new businesses. Grinn is known for their expertise in a range of wireless technologies, backed with software development skills.

Grinn develops the electronics and firmware for our tracking devices.

KPN is a leading telecommunications and IT provider and market leader in the Netherlands. Using 600+ IoT networks across the globe, combined with non-steered roaming, KPN offers the best and most reliable connection.

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