About Versa

We are a Dutch company with a passion for traveling and new technology. We've combined these two passions in our mission to make traveling with check-in luggage stress free.

Removing baggage stress for travelers

We know by experience that not every trip goes as smoothly as planned. Flight get delays, bags can get lost. Our drive and commitment come directly from the multiple experiences of having lost a bag when flying. Starting your holiday without your personal belongings or have your exhibition ruined because your booth stand didn't make it both have serious impact. Versa connects check-in bags to the internet making sure both travellers as well as airlines will never lose sight of a bag again. We help airlines prevent bags from missing their flight and have it returned quickly and hassle-free in case something does go wrong.

Locations & team

We’re based in The Hague. Our team is formed by experts in the fields of software, engineering, management, financials and marketing and sales.

Remi Caron


Arjen Ulrich


Georgette Kaufmann

Marketing & Communication

One of our main shareholders is the Mainport Innovation Fund, which is a partnership of Delft University of Technology, Schiphol Airport, KLM, and Rabobank. This fund invests in promising technology companies with break-through innovations that make the aviation sector more sustainable, safer, and more efficient. The focus includes aviation technologies, mainport development, energy, environment, security, safety, mobility, seamless travel and connectivity.

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