Inventory tracking

Optimise your warehouse performance

Prevent wasting valuable fresh chain products

Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

Ensure the right level of stock, in the right place and under the right conditions with our inventory tracking solution. Improve your warehouse efficiency and reduce cost by gaining visibility over your stock level and conditions. Apart from inventory, you can also use our tracking solution to monitor the performance of operational tools and equipment in your facility. Gain valuable insights into the whereabouts of your assets, see how often they are used and where. Identify bottlenecks like needless dwell time and places where things seem to get lost or disappear.

How does it work?

You can install our gateway in warehouses, factories or any other places, both in- and outdoors. We offer a range of devices, like Bluetooth enabled tags and labels, to monitor your individual goods and assets. Simply plug the gateway into power and it automatically identifies the trackers, tags and labels present in your facility. As our gateway is connected to a power source, it collects data from the tags and labels continuously. The gateway sends the information over to our cloud-based platform using your own network (Wi-Fi or ethernet) or 4G. You can determine at which interval you want to receive this data. This could be twice a day, every hour or every 10 minutes depending on your needs.


Monitor your stock

You can track goods entering and leaving your warehouse.

Increase effective storage

Placing items or parcels in the most practical spot instead of predetermined locations.

Prevent theft and loss

Reduce both dwell and travel time

Monitor how your inventory moves through your warehouse from check-in to dispatch.

Prevent aging and spoiling

See which pieces of inventory haven’t moved for a while and prevent these items from aging and spoiling.

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