Co-created solutions with and for partners

Whatever it is you want to track or monitor in real-time, we’re here to provide you with the technology to do so. We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution. To create innovative and differentiating solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration. By engaging in co-creation with our partners and customers, we can create and deliver true customer-centric solutions. 

Our approach to co-creation

No matter how complex a situation is, we always bring the same set of guiding principles to the table. Our aim is to create solutions that are simple to use and easy to integrate with other systems. When hardware is involved, we aim to make it plug-and-play ready and easily configurable. And we leverage on what we already have:

  • Re-using components and firmware

  • All hardware uses the same device protocol, back-end platform and API

We always look to the future. We love to try new ways, use different approaches and we actively seek partners to solve our customers’ logistical challenges.  We believe that a co-creation approach not only leads to more successful solutions, but also creates new opportunities. We are currently working collaboratively with partners on exciting new solutions in industries like logistics, transportation, retail and automotive.

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