Improve your inventory and warehouse management with our real-time tracking solution

Whatever it is you want to track or monitor in real-time, we’re here to provide you with the technology to do so. Not just goods and assets in transit from A to B. We now also offer technology that gives you continuous visibility on items within your facility. Improve your warehouse management with real-time insights into:

  • goods entering & leaving the premises

  • inventory levels & age

  • location of valuable assets

  • actual utilization of tools and equipment

We’ve created an indoor tracking solution based on our guiding principles, making it:

  • Easy to use

  • Plug-and-play ready

  • Configurable to your needs

  • Easy to integrate with other systems

  • Based on an open platform 

Introducing our Versa gateway

The Versa gateway is the latest addition to our product range. Our gateway collects location data from any Bluetooth tags and labels and transfers it directly to our smart cloud platform via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G.

The Versa gateway is out-of-the-box ready, you don’t need any installation equipment. It is PoE (power over ethernet) enabled and of course you can also plug it into a power socket.

Customize and integrate the solution to fit your needs

We want to make sure that our solutions match your requirements. That’s why our gateways collect data from any Bluetooth device, not just our own tracker and tag. 

We also offer the opportunity  to install third party software on our gateways. This allows you to custom settings to fit your monitoring needs. And you can use our API to easily transfer data between our smart platform and your own systems.

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